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If you’ve been wondering how you go about setting up an online radio station then you are in luck. If you are you young ...dumb and full of...I know it all...then use nothing more than free software and a microphone attached to your computer.

However the reality is a different story and there are also a variety of costs and radio types depending on whether you want to be a professional or a hobbyist or even somewhere in between....So, if you want to own our own radio station and get it up and running....then all you need to do is to keep it interesting and get some listeners....but most important of all become a part of Americas Radio...State to state.

Legal Warning About Hosting Radio Online

Hosting your own radio station might sound like fun, but you will need to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Ensure that you have the rights to broadcast all music played online and check local authorities to see if there are any local broadcasting rules you need to be aware of.

For some locations, you may be able to pay rights for digital broadcasting to a collector who will calculate your costs according to how many listeners you have.

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